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Duane PorterHelping kids enjoy reading and learning is why Duane writes. Fantasy and adventure lead the way to historical wonders as well as magical ones.

Award-winning author Duane Porter started writing to help his daughter Karen with her art assignment. Their first collaboration was a picture book “The Best Ride.” Then Duane began writing novels for children, turning a life-long passion for chess into a teaching adventure “Charlie and the Chess Set.” Recently he completed the sequel to "Charlie," "The Seirawan Factor."

Duane traveled to Ireland to research his first Trilogy. This adventure follows eleven-year old Molly O’Malley as she discovers her Irish roots, a leprechaun, and magical complications. Journey with her in “Molly O’Malley and the Leprechaun,” “Molly O’Malley: Rise of the Changeling,” and “Molly O’Malley and the Pirate Queen.”

Duane lives in Blue Springs, Missouri, with his wife, a dog, and fifteen chess sets.

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Charlie and the Chess Set

Charlie and the Chess Set

Charlie is a pretty normal kid. But he is shortly going to find things taking a turn for the extraordinary!

Join Charlie as he embarks on a grand adventure in a world that is larger than life and more exciting than anything he could ever imagine. Even if he never leaves his living room ...

Charlie and the Chess Set teaches beginning chess players all the rules of the Game, the importance of pieces working together and chess notation. Fantasy, imagination and family values combine to create a unique method of learning that players will not soon forget.

This is a wonderful resource for any young player learning chess, as well for more experienced players who thought there were no more surprises!

Charlie and the Chess Set

The Seirawan Factor

Two years have passed, and now Charlie is locked in a tough match against his archrival Hannah York in the Midtown Junior Chess Tournament. Before he can relish his come from behind win, he is once again summoned to the world of the jumbo chess pieces.

Things are different this time. There’s a mystery to solve – strangers are nearing the board, and both Kings want answers. And somehow, Hannah has traveled to the giant chess world with him.

The Seirawan Factor introduces Seirawan chess to souls who seek adventure. Meet the Hawk, who moves as a combination Bishop-Knight, and the Elephant, who moves as a combination Rook-Knight. These ancient chess pieces continue to be revived by Grandmasters past and present who prefer over the board play above memorization and computer-tested lines.
Molly O'Malley and the Leprechaun

Molly O'Malley and the Leprechaun

Molly O'Malley is having a horrible summer. Her father is working way too much, her mother had to go into the hospital, and Molly has been exiled to a rocky coastal village in Ireland!

It's amazing how much excitement one little leprechaun can stir up...

Book One of the Molly O'Malley Trilogy!

Molly O'Malley: Rise of the Changeling

Molly O'Malley: Rise of the Changeling

Molly is back in Ireland - or is she? Something strange has happened since she returned to Chicago, and it's not just going back a hundred years into the past.

What is the secret of the boy she meets who appears to be a changeling? Will Molly solve the mystery that threatens to plunge her own family back into chaos? Will the dark secret endanger the fairy kingdom as well?

But first she has to figure out why Paddy Finegan, the leprechaun, has been acting so strangely since they raided that vending machine ...

Book Two of the Molly O'Malley Trilogy!

Molly O'Malley and the Pirate Queen

Molly O'Malley and the Pirate Queen

Ireland's famous pirate queen has been dead for over four hundred years. But a secret still slumbers within Rockfleet castle's grey walls, waiting for Molly O'Malley to awaken it.

Molly finds herself in the year 1579 where the legendary pirate Grace O'Malley still fights for survival against invading English and rival Irish clans. Molly desperately needs the help of her friends from the Fairy Kingdom to get back home to Chicago and her own time.

The problem? In order to save herself, she must first save the pirate.

Book Three of the Molly O'Malley Trilogy!